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How much space do I need?

Because our units range in size, we provide an easy-to-use Size Guide that will help estimate a size that’s right for you. Units vary in size from 25 to more than 300 square feet. Our friendly, helpful storage team will be happy to check availability and give you a tour of our facility.

How much will it cost to store my things with you?

The cost of storing your goods will depend on how much space you will need. Once you decide how much space you need, check out our Size Guide or contact our storage team to check availability.

Are there any specials or discounts available?

Yes! In addition to the MOVE IN SPECIAL, you can get a discount if you prepay rent quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. For details about our latest specials, please call at 951-784-2051.

What are my payment options?

We accept checks and the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. You can also pay online via our website or set up automatic monthly credit card payments.

What kind of contract will I have to sign?

We offer month-to-month rental contracts, with a minimum rental period of one month.

Can I use my own lock?

We provide a free disc lock with two keys when you move-in. However, you may use your own lock as long as it is a disc lock. These locks are considered the most tamper-proof locks on the market today.

Can I drive up to my unit?

All of our units are ground level and most of them are drive up. However, we also offer units that are inside a building. A short hallway gives you access to these units and they tend to enjoy more protection from dust and direct sunlight.

Do you have trucks available?

No. We do not have a truck for you to use, and we do not rent trucks.

Can anybody drive into this facility?

No! Our facility is protected by an electronic gate system that individually alarms each unit. Tenants must enter their individual codes in order to enter or exit the facility.

What other safety features are in place?

In addition to electronic gate access and door alarms, we use a network of security cameras to protect our facility. These cameras record 24-hours a day and can be monitored inside the office.

Can I bring a large moving van into your facility?

Yes. Our facility features extra-wide driveways to accommodate moving vans.

Do you sell packing materials?

Yes. We sell wrapping paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, mattress covers, and boxes in a variety of sizes. Check out our packing tips for a stress-free move.

Are moving carts available?

Yes. Our office has dollies available for use in our facility.

Do you have climate-controlled units?

Yes, we offer insulated, climate-controlled units. These units are not equipped with heaters, and we cannot guarantee any specific temperature in these units.

Do I need insurance?

You are responsible for insuring your own possessions. If your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy does not cover items kept in a self-storage facility, we can refer you to a storage insurance company that offers coverage at a reasonable price.

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